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Self-guided tours are recommended for more experienced kayakers only.

Self Guided Tours Policy

•   Life vests are mandatory to wear at all times while you are on the river!


•  There is no cell phone signal in the Black Canyon, therefore there is no way to call emergency rescue service! We recommend to have a watch, not only a cell phone to keep track of time!


•  If you get tired and can’t continue to paddle, you should wait for a pass by boat and wave it down or spend the night by the river!


•  Never try to hike out from the canyon!


•  If you are late to the meeting time at Willow Beach, AZ, we will have to leave with the other customers to bring them back to their hotels. If this happens you will be charged $150 because we will have to do an extra round trip to pick you up and all the equipments! This may take a few hours, depends on traffic. Please be on time!