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Self Guided Tours Policy


•  Wind, waves, and weather can be a challenge at times. It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that self-guided paddlers have a watch, (not a cell phone), and adhere to the timing guidelines on the maps provided.


•  The back-country is primitive with NO cell phone service and NO emergency services such as 911. You are assuming that risk.


 •  There is NO RESCUE SERVICE for weary or tired paddlers. If you become exhausted and decide to stop paddling, you should be prepared to spend the night in the canyon.


•  If you arrive more than 20 minutes late, we will most likely return to Las Vegas with those guests who arrived on time, then make a second trip to Willow Beach to retrieve you and our gear. You will be charged a late fee of $150. You may also have to wait several hours while we return guests to hotels on the Strip before we can return to Willow Beach and pick you up. It is an inconvenience for everyone involved. Please be on time.

Cancellation Policy


•  Launch permits are non-refundable and non-transferable.


•  Cancellations made 14 days in advance will receive a full refund, minus a 6% processing fee.


•  Cancellations made within 7-13 days will receive a 50% refund.


•  Cancellations made within 3-6 days will receive a 25% refund.


•  Absolutely NO refunds will be issued for cancellations within 48 hours of a reservation.


•  Rescheduling fees of $25 per person for guided trips, and $10 per person for self-guided trips will be assessed for any change in date. Permits will need to be re-purchased per NPS policies.


• We cannot be responsible for wind, weather, waves, rain, heat, flash floods, earthquakes, or unforeseen circumstances.


• LAS VEGAS SUP KAYAK CLUB reserves the right to cancel trips due to weather or unsafe conditions. In this case, we will reschedule, issue a credit, or refund money, depending on individual circumstances.


•  We do not cancel trips due to rain.


•  If the trip departs as scheduled, the above cancellation policy will apply.

Damages Policy


•  All parties will be responsible for returning equipment undamaged and properly cleaned. Equipment will be inspected for cracks, holes, missing parts, or other damages, and persons responsible for damage will be held liable.


 •  Boats are fragile and should not be dragged. Sitting on boat decks could cause boats to crack or break and should be avoided. Handle boats with care.


•  Boats which are not tied off and consequently float away or sink will be replaced by the customer at market value. We use top of the line equipment, so failure to tie your boat up could cost you thousands of dollars. Please be careful and always secure your paddle-craft.


•  Be cautious and avoid rocks, reefs, buoys, and other obstacles which could create a hazardous condition. If you are renting equipment, you are assuming the risk and responsibility for that equipment and the safety of yourself and your group.